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Why Seal Concrete
Concrete is worth protecting, as it is costly to repair and to replace. Sealing is the way to strengthen and protect your investment; it will increase your concrete's durability as well as its appearance.

Most concrete pads are gritty and porous, sealing smooth's the surface so as to ease not only water runoff and snow removal, but also the clean-up of motor oil and other fluids.

Because concrete is naturally porous, it absorbs water which allows freezing temperatures to crack your concrete. Driveway salt causes pitting rapidly changing the appearance of your drive. Sealing inhibits the concrete from absorbing water reducing the effects of temperature changes and chemicals.

Our sealing products provide long-term protection (3 to 5 years). Properly maintaining exterior concrete significantly improves your homes appearance.

Concrete, as most other things, has greatly increased in cost over the years. Sealing is an inexpensive way to protect your concrete; it's like putting a coat of wax on your car.
Prestige Pressure Services, LLC
The sealer we use is called V-seal. It is a clear penetrating sealer with a life of 3-5 years depending on how much traffic you have and salt you use in the winter. The sealer creates a chemical bond with the lime in the concrete and actually hardens the concrete.
The sealer is applied after cleaning with a low pressure sprayer and back rolled with a paint roller to remove any puddling. After the sealer is applied it needs 5 hours to cure. I would just stay off of it for 24 hours to be safe (no cars but you can walk on it after 5 hours).
V-seal Spec Sheet
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